Gubevu Security Group

GSG knows that continuous, effective training is the key to quality service and employee development.

Training reduces employee turnover, improves employee morale, enhances performance and minimizes liability exposure.

GSG’s instruction meets rigid internal guidelines and the certification of outside agencies. Our comprehensive training consists of PSIRA approved course work materials, student handouts and comprehension tests.

We are proud of our ability to attract and keep motivated and capable personnel to meet the many challenges at our clients' sites. This is supported by our processes of evaluating and recruiting hiring the right people, assessing capabilities and effectively placing personnel at client sites, and providing quality training and coaching to help develop our personnel for the diverse challenges available.

Personnel recruited by the company are subjected to a minimum of a two weeks training course, regardless of their previous qualification.  We take this opportunity to not only induct our new recruits into GSG but also to ensure that they have both basic fire fighting, first aid training and to confirm their grading status.

Accredited training courses have been developed over 17 years and are the back bone of our people.

Training courses include:

•    SOB Grade E
•    SOB Grade D
•    SOB Grade C
•    SOB Grade B
•    SOB Grade A
•    Control Room and Deployment Operators
•    Shift Leaders Training
•    Site Commanders Training
•    Security Risk Management
•    Receptionist
•    Basic Save a Life
•    Employee Health and Safety Training (NOSA)
•    Health and Safety Representation (NOSA)
•    Hotel and Leisure
•    Basic Aviation
•    Management Induction
•    Residence Protection Security
•    Public Relations Workshop
•    Customer Care
•    Retail

“On-The-Job” training is specifically designed for each client based upon their specifications, job complexity and level of responsibility.

In-Service Training topics and the frequency of such training are customized to meet each client's exact training needs.